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Perfumes (fragrances) - the Invisible Chemical Poisons

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Did you know that Halifax Nova Scotia outlawed the use of scented products in the majority of their city, including schools, hospitals, and most public buildings?

Did you know that perfumes rank higher in causing asthma than second-hand tobacco smoke?

Could the recent increase of lung cancer death rates of non-smokers be caused by man-made fragrances, considering how ubiquitous they are, and the fact they contain nearly 100 carcinogens?  

How many DEVASTATING cases of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) could have been avoided, if only consumers knew the truth?

You NEED to know that fabric softeners and dryer sheets contain CHLOROFORM. Not only is chloroform a neurotoxin and a carcinogen, inhalation can be fatal. Also, chloroform causes clothing to be very flammable.

You are probably not aware of a petition filed against the FDA to declare a very popular perfume misbranded (failure to bear a warning label), after a chemical analysis revealed its contents, in May 1999.  Find out what's in that perfume millions of people are using. The petition is *still* open for comments.

Also, a Congresswoman in Illinois introduced the SNIFF Act, Safe Notification and Information For Fragrances, twice -- two Democratic co-sponsors, and not one Republican co-sponsored this Bill.  You will be shocked.

Learn how millions of people live with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) -- a rapidly growing affliction that our government does its best to keep out of the news. They do not want you to know the truth.

Learn the link between synthetic fragrance chemicals and various cancers, including breast cancer. The race for the "cure" will turn into a walk, a crawl and eventually a slither. 

Read excerpts from scientific journals regarding fragrance and air freshener toxicity.

Discover the deleterious effects of scented candles, even if unlit.

Worst of all, know that today's perfumes and other man-made scents contain highly potent and dangerous neurotoxic chemicals. Congress was warned in 1986, and they have done NOTHING! Neurotoxins slowly poison brain and spine. These chemicals can cause Multiple Sclerosis, early onset of Alzheimer's, heart problems, just to name a few.

To Report Adverse Health Effects of Fragrances Whether to Yourself or a Family Member, Contact:
Mr. Lark Lambert
Office of Cosmetics and Colors
Cosmetic Adverse Reaction Monitoring Program
200 C St., S.W.
Washington, DC 20204
Phone: (301) 436-1143

Note: The phone number is not toll-free and has changed since publication of my book. The above phone number is current.

You may also wish to contact your government representatives.

Government Links can be found online, below:


Get a Whiff of This is a very informative book, revealing secrets the fragrance industries do not want you to know. Fragrance is in almost all personal care and cleaning products, ranging from 
 body lotions, fabric softeners, dryer sheets, plug-ins, scented candles, alleged air fresheners, and the list is almost endless. Since people have been using perfumes for hundreds of years, it's reasonable to wonder why the problem of using scents has surfaced only recently. Until the 20th century, perfumes were made from natural ingredients derived directly from plants and animals. As fragrances became more widespread, they also became more synthetic. The National Academy of Sciences reports that 95% of the chemicals used in fragrances today are synthetic compounds derived from petroleum, including known toxins capable of causing cancer, birth defects, central nervous system disorders and allergic reactions. We have been brainwashed by the industry to feel we must cover up our natural scents with toxic chemicals. You would think the government would protect people by attempting to regulate the industries that are causing harm; however, the cosmetic industry is self regulated and isn't required to give formulations, test results, safety data or consumer complaints to the FDA. When you use perfume or cologne, remember you are using powerful chemicals regulated solely by the industry that sells them. Just because they don't affect you now doesn't mean they won't affect someone in line next to you (giving them a migraine or asthma attack), or that you will always be immune to their effects. These chemicals go directly into the blood stream when applied to our skin, and are also absorbed into the skin from our clothing. We also inhale these chemical fumes that go straight to our brains where they can cause major harm, and many perfume chemicals have a narcotic effect. There is research that links the use of perfumes to many diseases, such as various cancers, including breast cancer.( ). It's all in my book, Get a Whiff of This, by Connie Pitts. Foreword by Rosalind C. Anderson, Ph.D.  People have a right and a need to know the truth.

Many of the chemicals in today's modern fragrances are listed on the EPA's (Environmental Protection Agency) Hazardous Waste List.

It is difficult for some unsuspecting consumers to *believe* that today's synthetic fragrances are toxic and can even lead to disability and death. The proof is in the book. Television fragrance ads are very abundant, and numerous celebrities endorse fragrance. People are being duped by a multi-billion dollar industry that has no regard for human health and a government that condones it.

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