Get a Whiff of This
Perfumes (fragrances) - the Invisible Chemical Poisons

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About the Author

Connie Pitts is a wife, mother of two grown daughters, and adores her two young granddaughters. She enjoys the company of family and friends, first and foremost. Connie shares her personal struggles, coping with a debilitating condition called Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS).  After much research, she decided to share with others what she has learned, and it's all in her book, Get a Whiff of This. Connie is not only an author, but an activist for advocating safer personal care and cleaning products. She believes we and our children deserve better.

As an advocate for safer personal care and cleaning products, I will use this page to post recent articles and information pertaining to perfume toxicity.

A former radio host was sickened by the fumes of a co-worker's Lancome Tresor. The perfume was worn by radio personality Linda Lee, WYCD-FM (99.5). Erin Weber was awarded 7 Million in punitive damages, 2 Million in emotional distress and mental anguish, and 1.6 Million for past and future compensation after eight days of deliberation.
Source: The Legal Reader, John, 5/24/2005

Colorado's Governor Bill Ritter signed the Honorary Proclamation
Signed and dated January twenty ninth, 2008

Representative Karen Clark [D], Minnesota, calls for scent-free schools. She is introducing legislation to set up a campaign for fragrance-free awareness. Students have been suffering asthma attacks, wheezing and headaches from perfume and cologne exposures. Boys are oftentimes the worst offenders, using AXE.
Source: USA TODAY, Michael Winter, 3/10/2008

MANCHESTER --  Eleven students were transported to the hospital after perfume spilled in a school bus. The principal of McLaughlin Middle School, Barry Albert, didn't want to take any chances, due to potential health issues. District Fire Chief, Michael Gamache said a couple children vomited, and others experienced shortness of breath. According to Gamache, the perfume was very "pungent." The incident began when a student discovered a perfume bottle in her knapsack was leaking. She took it out and the cap fell off, spilling the perfume.
Source: Union Leader Staff (, Dan Tuohy, Sept. 11, 2008

CORONER: Deodorant Overdose Killed 12-year Old Boy
Daniel Hurley died because he used too much deodorant spray in a confined space, according to a British Coroner. Daniel collapsed in his family's bathroom on January 12th, and died from cardiac arrhythmia (irregular heartbeats) five days later. His father said that Daniel was frequently spraying on deodorant, even on his clothing. Sky News stated the local coroner ruled last week that Daniel died because he didn't heed the warning labels of his can of Lynx Vice. Lynx Vice. The presence of a volatile agent caused the cardiac arrhythmia. Dr. Robert Hunter said that people need to know the risks that these products have on the cardiovascular system.
Source: USA TODAY, Mike Carney, November 24, 2008

Note from Connie:  This is not uncommon as most might think. Unilever makes Lynx Vice.

Promoting and protecting the health of CDC personnel, contractors, visitors, and preventing work-related injury and illness, as well as harm and pollution of the environment is the goal.
Source: American Chronicle, Christiane Tourtet B.A., May 1, 2010

Portland, Oregon City Council approved a fragrance free policy in February, 2011
Disciplinary action can now face those who wear too much scent in all city offices.




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